Formerly just Jenn, Jenn-0-cide spins a mix of electroclash, synthpop, and dance floor classics. Pretty much anything with massive amounts of booty bass, is okay in her book. A desire to play new music as well as to please the people gives her a bit of an eclectic spinning style. You can glimpse some of her setlists here.



Formerly known as DJ Starr, Glitch blends pop classics with synthpop and electronic beats that keep the dance floor pumpin', thumpin', and jumpin'! Her infectiously enthusiastic style is not to be missed. She brings fun to the decks, and silliness to the dance floor.


Formerly DJ Batt, Neshamah is an expert at the element of surprise. You'll never know quite what to expect from her sets, but you're guaranteed to hear something you'll like. With many years of experience spinning for clubs, conventions, and other events, she attacks with a battery of genres.

7-22 blends tribal beats, classic rock, and other strange goodies to get the crowd going. Whilst some of his musical selections may at first seem foreign to a dance club, you soon find yourself wiggling down Nostalgia Lane, and loving every minute of it.